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Drone Pro Drone Reviews

See the reviews and ratings for the latest drones!

Parrot Via CNet:

“The Parrot Bebop Drone gets points for being a compact, durable, easy-to-use quadcopter for capturing good video and photos. Battery life, performance and overall value make it tough to flat-out recommend, though.”

Walkera Via Amazon:

“A number of quads have been released as so-called competition to the DJI Phantom. The Walkera QR X350 is one of them. It’s an okay platform but not nearly as stable and controllable as the Phantom. The QR X350 doesn’t maintain altitude and tends to drift, even when properly calibrated. Controlling it takes some getting used to, give it a control input and it’s sluggish to respond and then suddenly darts off in the direction of control. Make sure you have plenty of room free of obstacles until you get used to its personality. Its SAFE technology is a good idea, it’s like an invisible fence to keep the aircraft away from the operator –which is a good idea given its nature. It does provide a passable platform for aerial video, but again it’s nowhere as stable as the Phantom. For what you get, I think its overpriced by about $100 for the base model Ready to Fly. It is easy to prepare it for flight out of the box, attach the landing gear, install the propellers and charge the battery. Make sure you perform each and every one of the calibrations listed in the manual, which is a bit more understandable than many of the Asian to English translations. The landing gear is springy so expect it to bounce a bit when you land –try and be as gentle as you can. I suggest that you pick up some 3 inch wire ties and use them to retain the antenna wires, compass cable and accessory power cable. The little chunks of foam tape will fall off or break so quickly its not worth using.

With the Version 1 Phantom priced at $475, it’s a much better choice than the QR X350 for the same general price. I have the Phantom, the Blade QX350 and the Walkera QR X350, and while the Walkera is not nearly as good as the Phantom, it’s much better than the Blade.”

DJI Via Facebook:

“I have been a UAV pilot for about 6 years, one that always swayed away from mainstream. I have built close to a dozen different platforms, from quads, to hex, Coaxial Y6, micros, minis and fixed wing. I looked down on the Phantom because of all the media hype, and assumed most that flew one because they had no REAL skill. I was wrong. I have trusted the Naza system in a number of my builds, so I know it performs. I realized a few months ago the Phantom 3 could do almost everything I wanted my builds to do, without any headaches. I mean, I love building, but sometimes, I just want to plug in and fly. Yesterday, I received my Phantom 3 Professional. After updating and familiarizing myself with the controls, today I took 9 flights. I am beyond happy with my purchase, it works so well. I flew in horrible conditions, high winds, cold, spitting snow, and the 4k footage is just amazing! I am really looking forward to flying this machine as much as possible. Thank you for such a great product.”

3D Robotics Via Facebook:

“Drone and all accessories are very well designed. The user experience and ease of amazing cinematic shots is second to none right now. The promise is huge. The platform is ready to explode. My only gripe is I’ve experienced 3 or 4 backflips. Their support answers me every time within a day. They have a pretty stellar all around product.”

Blade Via Amazon:

“Very nice and easy to fly! Smart mode seemed to be a little bit to dumbed down for me. If you have any experience with quads angle mode will suit you the best. The drone is not to snappy like many others and has a medium to low throttle response. Home mode works ok but it isn’t precise. Leave a few feet of room on all sides if you plan to use it. I wouldn’t take off from a balcony and expect it to land on the spot. Over all not a bad drone, easy to fly. Not sure how to get the pics and vids off the camera, I had to order micro SD reader.”

Quadrocopter Via Facebook:

“Without Quadrocopter I would have missed several shoots that turned out to be extremely successful. They are always going out of their way to make sure every order is filled correctly and to get it to me on time. Many times I realized I needed things on Friday afternoon for a Saturday morning shoot and they get me the supplies I need every time. Not only is Quadrocopters customer service excellent, their research and development has paved the way for many of us. If it wasn’t for their Rather good Guide series in conjunction with Andy Johnson Laird I might not have had the guts to start building and flying. I woudln’t be where I am in the short period of time in this business without them.”