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3D Robotics

Corporate Headquarters:

1608 4th St, Suite 410 Berkeley, California
Telephone: (855) 982-2898

3DR Drones Are Used for:

3DR set out to redefine what it means to capture aerial photo and video with drone technology. Their Smart Shot drone is a technologically advanced consumer product. It makes you look and feel like a professional cinematographer.

3dr robotics drones3DR Smart Shots give you what you want from your drone: perfect shots, and easy set-up. The Smart Shot use built-in computers to enable anyone, regardless of experience, to capture shots automatically that used to require years of practice — or were previously impossible.

Another benefit of the 3DR drones includes their leveraging of smartphones – they have development partners around the world to create a lineup of accessory products and technology certified by 3DR. Drone owners get free software and flight profile updates, hardware and firmware updates, new cinematic functions, and in-app airspace safety information.

3DR has created the one and only drone that can automatically control both copter and camera positioning in flight. Anyone, beginner or pro, can get sweeping multi-axis cinematic live HD video from day one, just by pushing a button.

Their consumer drones fly and record using preset angles and fine-grain tilt control. You can choose to have your copter locked on predetermined paths and if you wish to change direction, you can override the coordinates at any time. Safety features include a pause buttons and other re-routing options accessible on the controller.

3DR Drones are used for:

  • Survey and GIS
  • Agriculture
  • Utility & Transmission
  • Infrastructure Inspection
  • Insurance & Roofing
  • Construction
  • Public Safety