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Our quoting and Job spec process

  • No project is too small or large; we take pride in servicing every customer.
  • We will review your needs and explain all of our service capabilities – at no cost.
  • Your needs and budget will determine the scope of services provided.
  • You will be sent a detailed job spec packet for review prior to the start of any work.
  • If you searched drone services near me you have found the company that can help you.

The Services We Offer

  • Aerial recording of designated areas including homes, buildings, landscapes, ships, harbors or any place accessible by drone.
  • Systematic mapping flight via pre-programmed software with embedded GPS data to ensure accuracy.
  • Aerial footage and associated data uploaded to accessible cloud server accessed via secure password protected account.
  • Data burned to CD and delivered to customer if desired.

What Impacts Price?

  • The amount of time spent recording the drone’s flight.
  • How footage is delivered; if it’s a CD, or an emailed file, vs. a cloud based server you can access.
  • Whether or not the drone operator can keep visual contact with the drone; out of site drone flying requires greater certification.

You’re unsure what to do next

We understand that for most of our new customers this is the very first time they will be purchasing services of this nature. It’s never easy to shop for and ultimately make a decision on something you have never bought previously. Thats why we are happy to provide a no obligation, no pressure, quote.