Corporate Headquarters:

212 S Mead Street, Seattle, WA 98108
Tel:+1 206 471 3093
Email: support.us@wa

Walkera drones and wireless control systems. Makers of small ariel models that service the photography, agricultural, real estate and hobby markets.

Walkera Drones logo

Established in 1994, Walkera is a manufacturer focusing on small, personal consumption aerial drones, as well as drones for agriculture, fire protection, land measurement and energy field etc. Their products are exported to more than 100 countries around the world and the Walkera logo is well known.

Their drone products include the following categories:

  • Aerial Drones
  • Racing Drones
  • Gimbals & Cameras
  • Corresponding Accessories / Services

Aerial Drones

Are great drones for professional aerial photographers, and beginners alike. Their drones are more practical with an added artistic aesthetic feeling.
Body transform design is very important – from the landing gear and gimbal design. The 3D stabilization gimbal fully present out from the body, so the camera can 360 degrees unobstructed shooting meeting professional requirements for aerial photography. Also included are Global GPS and navigation system, remote control and ground station installed on a phone or tablet, real-time and recordable Aerial video. They can last up to 25 minutes flight time.
Some of their photography drones come equipped with a parachute so when the aircraft gets out of control, the protection system will open the parachute automatically. Or if needed, you can open the parachute manually.

These drones can realize circulating flight patterns and function within a self-designed flight path. With their mobile touch screen controls you can set take-off point and destination while keeping the drone under control.

Walkera droneProduct Lines:

  • Voyager 3
  • QR X900
  • Tali H500
  • Scout X4
  • QR X350 Premium
  • QR X350 PRO

Professional Racing Drones

These Walkera drones are designed for racing, with fast speed and passion. Pilots can get used to the craft and design of these drones allowing for incomparable flight enjoyment.

These drone body designs are made up of carbon fiber material that is rugged but still light. Their axis design ensures that the center of gravity is in the middle of an aircraft, making the entire system more stable and agile. The axis pitch also allows the drone to be more powerful, be able to rotate, roll, and flip freely.

These drones can record the return point and calculate the remaining flight time based on the distance and height. When the power is low, the system will automatically prompt return.

LED lighting technology warns other flyers when the racer change direction, which can avoid collide during flight.

These drones also come equipped with an adjustable high-definition night camera that provides real-time images and videos. The remote controller has a sensitive joystick and buttons, which brings better control experience and human – computer interaction. The HD pictures can record every moment which enables the user to experience the excitement and passion! Whether taking pictures, or video, it can show the perfect angle.

  • F210
  • Furious 320
  • Runner 250(C)
  • Runner 250(R)
  • Runner 250